Massage Therapy Riverside

Massage Therapy Riverside

Massage Therapy Riverside

The history of massage therapy came from thousands of years ago. People from the past had already practiced massage therapy. It is believed to be therapeutic and could heal a person with a disease. Up to this day, massage is still used to treat body pains. More people nowadays still believe that massage could substitute medicine. That is why it is considered to be part of complementary and alternative medicine or CAM. We at Massage Therapy Riverside do not claim that massage could be an alternative to medicine but a way to make a sick person feel some comfort. Massage has a lot of benefits to the body and brain of a human. To understand it better, here is an overview of massage and what you need to know.

No matter how advanced we are right now, scientists still do not know how something as simple as a massage could ease a person with body pain. Others say that the mind plays an important role here since it is relaxed, but scientific evidence is still limited. More organizations are investing in studies about massage; more people are curious about how this magic works. You must always keep in mind that massage also has a few risks since it deals with your veins and bones. That is why you should only get a massage with a trained massage therapist.

Massage Therapy Riverside

When you book an appointment, the staff will ask you a few questions about your health status. If you have any ailments, disorders, or if you are pregnant, be honest. You can tell our staff what illnesses you have and be clear about it before booking a massage appointment. This is important since there are certain types of diseases that a person has that should not get a massage. Do not keep anything from your therapist; you do not want to suffer from the side effects. If something wrong happens to you, you are the only person responsible since you will sign a waiver beforehand.

Getting a massage has a lot of benefits. It could treat back, neck, and shoulder pain that we all endure after a long day at school or work. Massage could also reduce stress, treat a sports injury, increase your relaxation, and help with depression or anxiety. Therapy massage is only a general name. Massage has a lot of varieties that fit every person’s needs. One example is the Swedish massage. Your therapist will use long strokes, with kneading, tapping, and circular motions all over your body. This is one of the most famous basic types of massage.

What Massage Therapists Do in Treating Their Patients

One of the top things a therapist considers is the place where they will perform the massage. They want to make sure that it is a private, relaxing, and comfortable space. Most therapists have their own spa or clinic where the massage could occur, but you could also request it to be done in the comfort of your home. Extra charges may apply with home service, though. Like what we mentioned earlier, your therapist will ask if you have an existing illness. If you are clear, you will then get asked what type of massage you want. The standard time for massage is one to two hours. Anything more than that time frame is also not healthy for your body.

Typically the patient will be lying on a table, for the home set up would be a bed. You will be asked to change into a loose outfit to be easier for us to locate your body parts. The therapist will use either lotion or oil to prevent rubbing your skin too hard. If you are uncomfortable with lying down, you can ask the therapist if you could just sit down. The massage will be fast and brief if you cooperate well with the therapist. We want you to relax so that your body could easily accept the sensation and react immediately. We assure you that your back, neck, and shoulder pain will be gone in an instant.

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